How to Save a File (2)

October 8, 2007

The first month of Staff in the Know is “Save As” month. To start things off, we’d like to herald the arrival of some “flashy” new devices arriving at branches all over the system. USB Flash Drive, we welcome you.

Flash drives are as easy to use as floppy disks, but they do demand to be treated better. Take a look at our task bar below. See the green arrow icon on the right, in the circle? That is the “safely remove hardware” icon. If you use it, your flash drive is your friend. If you don’t, you can mess up your data (think ejecting floppy while green light is on!)


Never fear…we’re here to walk you through the process of saving a file to a flash drive. Give it a try. You’ll want one of these gadgets yourself!

Here’s a video to help you out:

How to Save a File: USB Flash Drives


And a video for fun:

How to Save a File (a parody)


Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
1. Create a word document.
2. Save the file to a USB flash drive.
3. Safely remove the flash drive from the computer.
4. Take the survey.

10 Responses to “How to Save a File (2)”

  1. Jim Says:

    I liked the training session. I watched it even though I knew how to do the task already. When I took the survey I felt like I either had to say I learned a lot about the task, which I didn’t, or that I thought the thing a waste of time, which I don’t think it is. I like the whole concept of the site/blog/training videos. This particular one just didn’t apply to me.

    I am, however, having trouble posting this message to this forum, as my cursor keeps disappearing and it takes me awhile to get it back.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for the comment Jim!

    I see your point. We were trying to be funny, but we did leave out an important option in the survey. We’ll be sure to change it for next week with your comments in mind.

    I haven’t had the cursor problem. Is anyone else having trouble posting a comment?

  3. Larissa Says:

    Yes, you have to repeatedly click in the text field boxes (esp. the name & mail ones) to finally aget a cursor to type something in. I just tried it to test Jim’s theory & give you more feedback. Hmmmmm…

    Great work, BTW. You two are too funny! 🙂

  4. npalex Says:

    Sorry about that. You might try holding down CTRL as you click on “comments.” This would open up the blog and comment form in a new window or tab.

    Sometimes, Bitty Browser can cause this trouble. Bitty Browser is the box where we put the blog on the Training web site.

    Thanks for letting us know!


  5. Donna Says:

    We can’t use sound here at BL. I find the video intstruction #1 with no wording to be “OK” but it would be helpful to add text. On the other hand, the video explaining how to save was less than stellar because
    there wasn’t enough time to move from text to illustration before it was gone from the screen.
    I would also like to have been able to review and change a couple of things in this message, but I would have to erase the whole thing to do so. “Video” instruction was probably “photography.” Thank you for putting this on the intranet.

  6. Deborah Says:

    “We can’t use sound here at BL.” The computer at BL used for these training sessions has speakers installed. Also, editing anything in the text box requires backspacing to the point where editing is desired. I am unable to accomplish changes any other way.

  7. […] a song, you are saving it for later. On public computers, you can download a song file (or mp3) and save it on a flash drive. Downloading and saving an mp3 is no different from saving a resume or a […]

  8. Starfish Says:

    This tutorial is clear and helpful. I have a question about removing USB drives. About ninety percent of the time I receive the error message “The device ‘Generic volume cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later.’ several times before receiving the okay to remove the USB drive. What’s this about?
    Thank you!

  9. Cook Says:

    Make sure all programs that could possibly be using the USB drive are closed.

    If that does not do the trick, restart the computer, and try the eject procedure again. Avoid the temptation to pull the USB drive out without the computer giving permission, this can cause memory loss.

  10. […] a song, you are saving it for later. On public computers, you can download a song file (or mp3) and save it on a flash drive. Downloading and saving an mp3 is no different from saving a resume or a […]

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