Downloadable Audiobooks: Netlibrary (10)

December 3, 2007

Dear Peabody,
Yesterday somebody asked me about something called NetLibrary. Was I supposed to know what that was? The person had an iPod (those things are really neat) and wanted to listen to books on it. What should I say?

Dear Stella,
I’m glad you asked about NetLibrary! After you read my instructions, you’ll be able to help next time.
NetLibrary is a service the library offers that lets people download audiobooks and put them on mp3 players. You know how you can check out a book on CD? Well, to get one, you eventually have to drive to a library. NetLibrary lets you get the whole audiobook from a special place on the Internet. So, if don’t have time to visit the library, you can still get an audiobook. Pretty neat, isn’t it Stella?
The person with an iPod is kind of out of luck, though. NetLibrary doesn’t work with iPods.

Dear Peabody,
What’s the difference between an iPod and an mp3 player? Aren’t they the same thing? What’s the guy with the iPod going to say?

Dear Stella,
mp3 players and iPods are different – they both play audio files, like music or talk shows. But, iPods use different software to work. You know how people always say Macs and Microsoft computers aren’t compatible? Well, it is the same thing with mp3 players and iPods. But, the guy with the iPod can still listen to books – if he checks out an audiobook on cd from the library, he can use a program called iTunes to put it on his iPod.

p.s. I have a little exercise that might help you. Look for the audiobooks link on the library website to get started:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
1. Go to the audiobooks page on the library website.
2. Go to NetLibrary and find a book. You’ll need to register for an account first if you don’t already have one.
3. Download the book to your computer and then play a little bit of the book.
4. Take the survey.

One Response to “Downloadable Audiobooks: Netlibrary (10)”

  1. npalex Says:

    A good solution for putting audiobook CDs on your iPod is “Mp3 to Audiobook converter.” Windows only. You can download it free here:

    Converting to this audiobook file (M4B) shrinks the size of the file significantly, and lets you use bookmarking and such.

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