Downloadable Audiobooks: Overdrive (11)

December 8, 2007

Dear Peabody,
I got a book from NetLibrary and was prepared to answer questions, then someone asked me about something called Overdrive! What’s Overdrive? It is something for iPods?

Dear Stella,
Overdrive is another way to get digital audiobooks. Library users can download audiobooks from home using two services: NetLibrary and Overdrive. They can listen to either on their PC or mp3 players (no iPods).

Dear Peabody,
Overdrive doesn’t look anything like NetLibrary. How do I download a book?

Dear Stella,
NetLibrary and Overdrive do look different. And the process is a little different too. Maybe this nifty chart will help clear things up.

NetLibrary Overdrive
Books can be checked out by more than one person at a time. Only one person can check out and download a book at a time.
Books are downloaded as one large file. Books are divided into several small files.
Cannot be downloaded on library computers. Cannot be downloaded on library computers.
You only need Windows Media Player. You have to have special Overdrive software.
Must have a library card number to
sign up for an account, then you don’t need it again.
Must have a library card number each time you check out a book.
Cannot burn audiobooks to CD. CAN burn audiobooks to CD.
One part per CD. And the CDs don’t expire!

p.s. Here’s another exercise that might help you. Look for the audiobooks link on the library website to get started:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
1. Go to the audiobooks page on the library website.
2. Go to Overdrive and find a book.
3. Checkout the book and download the book to your computer. Play a little bit of the book.
4. Leave any questions in the comments section of the blog.
5. Take the survey.

2 Responses to “Downloadable Audiobooks: Overdrive (11)”

  1. Jai Sanders Says:

    Hey Peabody, I see the Overdrive Media Console on my desktop (MN Circ Workroom). Does this mean I can now download an audiobook to my work PC?


  2. npalex Says:

    Yes. The Overdrive software should be loaded on all staff computers. This will allow you to download audiobooks to work PCs.

    If anyone experiences trouble in downloading netlibrary or Overdrive books, be sure to post the problems, so everyone can help troubleshoot them.

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