Follow-up to Literature paper sources

January 17, 2008

We have two online literature resources now: Literature Criticism Online (LCO) and Literature Resource Center (LRC).

Literature Criticism Online has several ways to search. Basic search lets you search for words in the full-text, by keyword (words in the title, citation, abstract), or by author and title search. Advanced search lets you combine terms and search for several elements at once. “Browse authors” and “browse works” are the remaining ways to find info, and are probably the easiest.

The current default is full-text searching. If you go to LCO and type in pride and prejudice then click search, you’ll be doing a search for those words in the full text of every article in the database. This means that any article that uses the words pride and the word prejudice will be retrieved. Putting “pride and prejudice” in quotes will narrow your search to that particular phrase, which will give you more accurate results. One note: when you do a full-text search, the terms will be highlighted in the text.

You can control the size of the text by using the scale drop down menu – it can be found at the top or bottom of the “print” pages. The default is 25%, but you can scale it up to 100%, which would make the text very large and not very readable. I find 33-50% the most readable range.

We should be able to change the default search from full-text to keyword, if that is found to be more user-friendly.

Thanks for all the comments so far!


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