wireless_good.jpgI hope everyone was able to find the control panel last week. All of the troubleshooting we’re able to do can be done from there. But there are other ways to diagnose and fix a wireless access problem.

Check out the wireless help page – it is tagged wireless in the training topic index. This week we’re going to look at how to deal with three common connection problems:
1. No Wireless Signal
2. Wireless is Not Connected
3. Wireless is Disabled

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
    1. Watch the troubleshooting videos on the wireless help page (videos are linked above too).
    2. Take the survey.

    wireless_good.jpgI don’t know about you, but I don’t have a laptop with a wireless card. And if you’re not used to using wireless devices, helping a patron connect to our network can be stressful, but you already knew that.

    We’ve put together some tips for helping patrons with the most common errors we’ve run into. It won’t cover everything, but we hope it will get you comfortable helping patrons with the most common wireless troubles. If you’ve run into errors that don’t fit any of the scenarios we’ve described, let us know about them. We’ll try to help out and share any new tips sent our way.

    This week, we want you to take a look at the Control Panel. This and other tips are available on the wireless help page – it is tagged wireless in the training topic index.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
    1. Watch the Control Panel video.
    2. Find the Control Panel on your staff computer.
    3. Go to Network Connections in the Control Panel. On most staff computers, you will not see a wireless connection because most staff PCs are connected by cable. But a few staff computers are wireless and those PCs will enable you to see the wireless network. Don’t change any settings.
    4. Take the survey.


    February 15, 2008


    Hear ye, hear ye. The Staff in the Know Throwdown Challenge is over.

    Thank you to everyone who participated. I hope it was a good review of some of the services we offer at the library. We were thrilled with all the comments on the blog. So, here’s a special thanks to the 13 people who made comments and got a conversation going!

    And now for our FQSITKTC (that’s the First Quarter Staff in the Know Throwdown Champions).

    There are 13 of you out there who took the quiz and commented on the blog. For that, you’re all winners of the throwdown. Your ribbons are in the mail. We’ve all had fun and learned more about our library technology as a result. I hope you’ll continue to give us feedback and share what you know with the rest of your colleagues.

    Two people emerged with perfect scores. Elizabeth and Suzanne will be receiving their crown in the mail soon! Seriously, you’re getting a crown.

    The fabulous 13:

    Larissa, Hermitage
    Crystal, Main Popular Materials
    Bryan, Main Popular Materials
    Terri, Green Hills
    Angia, Looby
    Elizabeth, Edmondson Pike
    Beth, Edmondson Pike
    Amanda, Main Popular Materials
    Aimee, Main Nashville Room
    Suzanne, Inglewood
    Glenn, Green Hills
    Kyle, Main Reference
    Julie, Main Popular Materials

    The prizes have been sent out, but you can still take the quiz! Test your knowledge and see how you do.

    Wireless Intro (18)

    February 11, 2008

    Nashville Public Library offers wireless internet access (WiFi) free at all locations. Pretty cool, if you have a wireless gadget. If you don’t, the whole idea may be a bit mystifying. We hope the next few posts will help.

    Wireless networks aren’t really wireless. Eventually, something has to be connected to the Internet. A router is what makes wireless networks possible – it is connected by cable to the Internet. The router receives information from the Internet and sends it to a wireless computer in the form of a radio wave. A wireless card in the computer picks up the radio wave signal and changes the radio wave back into data for your computer.

    A laptop, PDA, or other device needs a wireless card to use the library’s WiFi. Not all wireless-enabled gadgets will work on the library’s network – PSP cannot connect. Most laptops, PDAs, or cell phones should work fine.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
    1. Read the How Stuff Works introduction to WiFi.
    2. Take the quiz!
    3. Take the survey.

    Four months (throw)down…

    February 4, 2008

    GroundhogHappy two-days-after Groundhog’s Day!

    We’ve hardly stopped celebrating one holiday before we’re celebrating again. Today, we’re celebrating four months of Staff in the Know!

    That’s right. It has been four months. And to commemorate this occasion, we’ve got a little throwdown for you!

    Okay, so I celebrated Groundhog’s day by watching a little too much Food Network . . . but don’t worry, Bobby Flay isn’t going to march in to your branch and demand you show him how to sign up for an RSS feed (but wouldn’t it be awesome if he did?). No, we’re going to throwdown against one another. Here are the rules:

    1. You’ve got one week – yup, that’s one week – to demonstrate your expertise by taking the Throwdown Quiz.

    2. Post your score in the comments. The honor system is in effect.

    3. Winner will be announced on the Intranet – see the staff news section!

      And henceforth, the winner shall be known to all as the First Quarter Staff in the Know Throwdown Champ. Or FQSITKTC for short.

      Throwdown Quiz