February 15, 2008


Hear ye, hear ye. The Staff in the Know Throwdown Challenge is over.

Thank you to everyone who participated. I hope it was a good review of some of the services we offer at the library. We were thrilled with all the comments on the blog. So, here’s a special thanks to the 13 people who made comments and got a conversation going!

And now for our FQSITKTC (that’s the First Quarter Staff in the Know Throwdown Champions).

There are 13 of you out there who took the quiz and commented on the blog. For that, you’re all winners of the throwdown. Your ribbons are in the mail. We’ve all had fun and learned more about our library technology as a result. I hope you’ll continue to give us feedback and share what you know with the rest of your colleagues.

Two people emerged with perfect scores. Elizabeth and Suzanne will be receiving their crown in the mail soon! Seriously, you’re getting a crown.

The fabulous 13:

Larissa, Hermitage
Crystal, Main Popular Materials
Bryan, Main Popular Materials
Terri, Green Hills
Angia, Looby
Elizabeth, Edmondson Pike
Beth, Edmondson Pike
Amanda, Main Popular Materials
Aimee, Main Nashville Room
Suzanne, Inglewood
Glenn, Green Hills
Kyle, Main Reference
Julie, Main Popular Materials

The prizes have been sent out, but you can still take the quiz! Test your knowledge and see how you do.


2 Responses to “FQSITKTC”

  1. Jim Says:

    One point regarding question #2 (I think.) The microfilm scanners in the Nashville Room allow scanned images to be saved on CD. These computers are not available to access other documents and there have been some glitches in this process, but in theory that medium (or those media since CD-R and CD-RW are supported)is available in that case.

  2. Cook Says:

    This is an important exception to the rule. Our current security restrictions prevent using CDs on our machines, so we don’t want to encourage folks to exploit this capability in the Nashville Room for other purposes, right?

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