Wireless Troubleshooting Tips continued

February 25, 2008

wireless_good.jpgI hope everyone was able to find the control panel last week. All of the troubleshooting we’re able to do can be done from there. But there are other ways to diagnose and fix a wireless access problem.

Check out the wireless help page – it is tagged wireless in the training topic index. This week we’re going to look at how to deal with three common connection problems:
1. No Wireless Signal
2. Wireless is Not Connected
3. Wireless is Disabled

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
    1. Watch the troubleshooting videos on the wireless help page (videos are linked above too).
    2. Take the survey.

    One Response to “Wireless Troubleshooting Tips continued”

    1. Glenn Worden Says:

      These wireless troubleshooting tips helped me with a patron yesterday at Green Hills. The patron was in one of our study rooms using a notebook computer with Windows Vista. She could not get to the log-in page, but she was showing a connection to the NPL wireless signal. The signal was strong, showing all bars. The tip sheet suggested that we try manually typing in the address, “”. This worked and she got the log-in page. She was very happy and I was too!

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