March Apps Mania: Our “Final Four”

April 3, 2008

Whew! March Apps Mania is at its end. I hope we introduced you to at least one new thing this month.

We promised a lame bracket and you’re getting a lame bracket! The “winner” is the most tried app in each category. Check it out:


I hope we can say “final four” without getting sued.

If you didn’t get to take the survey before this bracket, don’t worry about it. You can still do the March Mania missions! (say that five times fast – it sounds like March Mayni-emissions)



2 Responses to “March Apps Mania: Our “Final Four””

  1. Phil K. Says:

    Interesting – I guess the established stalwarts like Flickr and Photobucket got “upset” in the southwest bracket. Do you have any insights on Lime Wire? I’m noticing more people with this on their laptops. What is the “gnutella network”? What kinds of files/apps would be transferred with this?

    Phil K.

  2. Cook Says:

    These are peer to peer file-sharing networks. These could be used for any sort of files, mostly media files, music and movies. It would be reasonable to expect that much of this is illegal file-sharing, but that depends on the file itself, not the network.

    Gnutella is an open-source program (GNU is the open-source license). Limewire is free software that uses the gnutella technology for file-sharing, but also offers a premium paid version and sells legitimate files.

    Not sure if that answers your question. Has there been issue with it in the libray?

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