Books for Airports, Station Wagons, and beyond (31)

May 5, 2008

It’s almost vacation time! Combine that with Summer Reading and we’ll soon be bombarded with requests for great book suggestions. But, you can only keep up with so many books. Where will all of those suggestions come from? Where’s a good place to start?

If you’re thinking “the library website” you’re right! We’ve got tons of book lists and recommendations on the Books, Movies, Music page. They cover commonly requested genres, like romance and mystery, and some surprises, like unreliable narrators and epistolary fiction. These bibliographies are from librarians all over our system, so you’re getting the wisdom and experience of dozens of your colleagues! You can’t beat that.

What’s that? You’re helping someone who’s already read every mystery on the mystery bibliography? And they have a daughter who wants a mystery of her own? That does sound tricky. But, no need to worry…

Let’s start with Novelist and see what mystery suggestions we can find for a young girl.

novelist icon

Watch the mysterious Novelist tour now!

Novelist lets you limit a genre search by age/reading level. And you can use the advanced search to find all of the series in a genre, for any age group. So, you can find all the adult romance series or all of the teen suspense series!

Novelist also has author read-alikes, book discussion guides, and recommendations. If you’d like a portable tip sheet for Novelist, check out this PDF.

I hope Novelist, along with the library’s bibliographies, will help you when you’re asked for reading recommendations. If you have any tips to share, put them in the comments!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Watch the Novelist tour.
2. Search for romance, mystery, or your favorite genre. Limit your search to books for adults.
3. Click on the Author Read-alikes tab and take a look at all of the authors who write in the genre you searched for.
4. Take the survey..

5 Responses to “Books for Airports, Station Wagons, and beyond (31)”

  1. B.N. Jones Says:

    Novelist is a very useful tool. It is very good to check on series by a particular author. Novelist has recently been redesigned to have a more user friendly feel. There have been some bugs but Ebsco has been good addressing user feedback. The keyword search is still a bit clunky, but the advanced search interface works well. Novelist has also been running a slow since the redesign. Here at Pop Mat we’ve been told this is due to a bandwidth issue.

    I guess my point is that if you haven’t used Novelist before, don’t get discouraged if you had a few snags at the particular moment.

  2. Crystal Says:

    Just discovered their bookcart (folder) function. I’ll have to spend more time with Novelist to get used to the new look and improvements.

    Thanks for the lesson,


  3. Louise Says:

    Too many steps required to locate exactly what one is looking for. I found that I could not make the adult
    mysteries as specific as the demo made the children’s
    mystery search.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Louise, What was the search you were trying?

  5. Cook Says:

    Enhancements to NoveList and NoveList K-8 are now available:Quick Print allows you to print directly from a Result or Series List, saving extra steps. (For additional print options, you will still be able to access your folder and the Print Manager.)
    Alphabetical Browsing by Author’s Last Name provides efficient access to authors’ feature content. You can now browse directly to the part of the alphabet you need when browsing Author Read-alikes, Book Discussion Guides, BookTalks and Author Biographies.
    "What We’re Reading" postings from key contributors are more readily accessible.
    Book Jacket Images can now be enlarged by clicking on the image at the detail record.
    What’s New links are available from the NoveList and NoveList K-8, Spotlight section on their homepages, for regularly-updated information at your fingertips.

    -EBSCO (Novelist) Update 5/9/08

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