Overdrive eBooks (34)

June 2, 2008

It seems that June is “grab-bag” month here at Staff in the Know. The first item out of the bag is our new eBook selection from Overdrive!

No, these aren’t the tired, old, public domain eBooks you’ll find in NetLibrary. These are shiny, new, popular eBooks! But, as with anything shiny and new, we had to pay for them which means there are checkout rules.

Overdrive Audiobooks & eBooks:

  • 10 audiobooks/ebooks may be checked out at one time.
  • Check out period is 3 weeks. Titles do not count towards 25 item check out or holds limit.
  • Items may be renewed if there are no outstanding holds.
  • Books cannot be checked out by more than one person at a time.

Like I said before, these aren’t the public domain books we’ve seen in NetLibrary. These are new books – popular books – books people want. You’ll find fiction and nonfiction titles, from romance novels to law forms. There are less than 100 titles right now, but the number of eBooks will keep growing as we buy more.

The check out procedure is exactly the same as for Overdrive Audiobooks. Find the book you want in Overdrive, type in your card number and PIN, and click checkout. Once you’ve checked out your eBook, you can Download the file. When the “Save As” box appears, patrons will have the option to open the file or Save the file. They need to Save the file – preferably to their desktop.

When they look for the book on their desktop, they’ll see a file called ebx.edt. To open the eBook, you must right-click on that file and select Open with Adobe Digital Editions (or whatever Adobe Reader version they have installed on their PC).

Wait – did you read that last paragraph? It’s worth reading again:

When they look for the book on their desktop, they’ll see a file called ebx.edt. To open the eBook, you must right-click on that file and select Open with Adobe Digital Editions (or whatever Adobe Reader version they have installed on their PC).

From the feedback we’ve had, opening an eBook with Adobe Digital Editions causes the most problems. We anticipate that users who have earlier versions of Adobe Reader will be fine. Users with Adobe Digital Editions may need us to walk them through the “right-click” thing – that’s the info in the paragraph we made you read twice.

Please try to help patrons who have questions about eBooks. There is a lot of information available in Overdrive’s help files. But, if you need back up, contact Kyle or Jenny.

Pay close attention to the mission this week – only check out one eBook! If you would like more practice, you can check out free eBooks from Adobe.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Go to the Overdrive website – it is linked from the library website.

2. Find ONE eBook and check it out. Do not check out more than one eBook! Please. Thank you.

3. Download the eBook to your computer. We recommend downloading it to your desktop.

4. Open the eBook using Adobe Digital Editions. If you have any problems, note them in the comments or email Jenny or Kyle.

5. Take the survey..


5 Responses to “Overdrive eBooks (34)”

  1. npljenny Says:

    Please let ITS know if you need to update your staff computers with Adobe Digital Editions!

  2. Glenn Worden Says:

    I was able to download Adobe Digital Editions just fine. Learning to use the software took a little time, but I think I can explain what I have done to patrons. So many times I have told patrons that they can’t download audiobooks from either Netlibrary or Overdrive that I must be careful to tell Apple Mac users that they CAN download ebooks from Overdrive! The biggest hassle I found is that there is no way to “return” checked-out ebooks before the 3 week period is up. Easy system for patrons, but our tiny inventory will be tied up for weeks at a time. Too bad the Netlibrary model has such weak content. Has anubody tried to download ebooks on plain Adobe Reader? –Glenn

  3. Jenny Says:

    Funny you should mention returning eBooks – that’s what next week’s post is about. I’ll give a meaningless award to anyone who figures out how to return the eBooks early!

  4. Crystal Says:

    I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to return an ebook until this week’s lesson…. Oh well!

    but I must point out that a right click didn’t do it, I had to left click on the book before it allowed me to see the option of returning the book. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. npljenny Says:

    Crystal, I’d say if you were able to return the book by left-clicking, you did everything right. There might be a difference in our versions of the software. But, you make a good point – if right-click doesn’t work, try something else. Thanks!

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