Overdrive eBooks: Part 2 (35)

June 9, 2008

Well, if everyone has checked out an eBook from Overdrive, it means that there aren’t any for the public to check out! So, today we’re going to learn how to return eBooks before the due date.

Unlike audiobooks, Overdrive allows you to return eBooks early. We’ll show you how using Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe Digital Editions doesn’t look like much when you open it – the bulk of it is a big black background. There are two menus to be aware of. The menu on the left allows you to view all of your books, books you’ve borrowed, books you’ve purchased, and books you’ve recently read. The menu on the right, lets you choose how you view those different lists. You can view the book covers or view the titles as a list. You can also sort how the list is arranged.

To return a book early, you need to display your list of borrowed books (that’s in the left menu). You want to view that list of borrowed books as a list. Right-click on the title to view a list of options for the book: Open Item, Delete Item, Return Borrowed Item. Click on Return Borrowed Item.

You will be asked if you want to return the item (see below). Click Return.

Once you’ve returned your book, it will disappear from Adobe Digital Editions.

You don’t have to have Adobe Digital Editions to use Overdrive eBooks. If you have an earlier edition of Adobe Reader (anything before version 8), eBooks will look like any other PDF file. You can check out, read, and return eBooks with earlier editions of Adobe Reader. You’ll know you have an earlier edition of Adobe Reader because there won’t be a black background and you’ll see the familiar red and white Adobe Reader icon.

To return a book in an older version of Adobe Reader (that’s any version before version 8), click on File then click Digital Editions and select My Digital Editions:

You’ll see the books you have checked out. Right-click on the cover of the book (or the title, if the cover isn’t shown). Right-clicking will bring up the menu shown below. Click on Return to Lender.

A new window will open asking showing the due date for the eBook. Click Return to Lender to complete the return process. Once the book has been returned, it will disappear from the list of books in your Adobe Reader.

You might not remember everything about eBooks, but please check one out and try to return it. If you don’t have Adobe Digital Editions, use the older version of Adobe Reader you already have and give eBooks a try. As always, if you have problems or questions, post them in the comments or email Kyle or Jenny.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer – there should be a shortcut on the desktop.

2. Locate the book you checked out from Overdrive.

3. Return the book – just follow the instructions listed in the post.

4. Take the survey..


5 Responses to “Overdrive eBooks: Part 2 (35)”

  1. npljenny Says:

    I promised a meaningless award for anyone who figured out how to return a book early (before reading these instructions). Kudos to Glenn out at GH for poking around the Overdrive FAQs for return instructions.

    Here’s your award: http://tinyurl.com/55t5go

  2. B.N. Jones Says:

    Now that I know how to return an ebook, I happily checked one out, and dutifully returned it.

  3. Glenn Worden Says:

    It am not worthy of such a fine gift. I will wear it proudly!

  4. Beth Says:

    I’m a little slow, but I finally got my book checked out and returned. Right-clicking didn’t work, though. I had to just click on the title to get the options. Glenn, congratulations on your achievement!!

  5. Linda Says:

    The only way I could get it to allow me to return my ebook early was to click on the arrow to the left of the title.

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