Coming June 23rd: Tenn-Share Learn & Discover

June 16, 2008

Staff in the Know is moving to its summer home in the Hamptons! Okay, not quite, but we will be relocating to another web site for the next two months. Come join us between June 23rd and September 1st for Tenn-Share Learn & Discover! Sign up, meet other librarians in the state, and win prizes!

What is Tenn-Share Learn & Discover?
Tenn-Share Learn & Discover is a state-wide learning program sponsored by Tenn-Share. Learn about fun online programs for music, photos, podcasts, and books, plus exciting new online programs from the State of Tennessee. You’ll meet up with librarians around the state using the online social network, Ning. There are 8 exercises to complete in 10 weeks.

So I hear there are prizes?
Yes, the first 100 participants who complete all eight Tenn-Share Learn & Discover missions are guaranteed an mp3 player. Prizes will be awarded to all who complete the program before September 1st, 2008. Don’t wait around because you’re competing with librarians all over the state!

Participation in Learn & Discover will count toward the Staff in the Know T-shirt and October drawing. So, if you have been holding off on the missions, now is the time to cash in.

Just in case you didn’t catch this: if you do the 8 Tenn-Share missions, you’ll be eligible for prizes from BOTH the Tenn-Share contest and Staff in the Know. That’s a big bang for your training time!

Your summer mission:

1. Go to the Tenn-Share Learn & Discover! website.

2. Save it to your favorites, save it to your desktop, Bookmark the page or put it on your calendar as a reminder.

3. On Monday, June 23rd, pop over to the site, register, and say hello!

4. For 8 weeks, participate, share, learn, and win stuff!


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