Digital Audio Books (Tenn-Share 6) (40)

July 28, 2008

Earlier this year, I went on a long road trip with my friend, Jill, and I thought I would bring along some audiobooks. I borrowed three on CD and two on cassette, and I ended up with two grocery bags full of audiobooks to keep up with! When I picked her up, said she brought ten audiobooks of her own because she could not choose. “No way. Where will we have room for ten audiobooks, Jill?” I asked, pointing to the grocery bags of CD and cassette boxes. Then, Jill held up her mp3 player, smaller than a deck of cards. Man, I knew I should have checked out this downloadable audiobook thing!

Top Ten Reasons To Use Digital Audio books

  1. No one has ever lost one under the seat of their car.
  2. Put a dozen books on your mp3 player.
  3. You can’t remember what track you’re on in your book on CD.
  4. Learn how to pronounce names from the Harry Potter series.
  5. Digital Bookmarks are hard to misplace.
  6. They take themselves back to the library.
  7. Your cat likes stories, too.
  8. Kind of like radio, without traffic and weather.
  9. Large Print was checked out.
  10. The library will not call looking for missing tape number five.
Digital Audiobooks Activity:1. Find your library’s Overdrive collection:

2. Checkout and download a digital audio book from Overdrive.*

3. Tell us how it went in the Audio Books forum.

Do you have any questions?

Discuss them in the Digital Audiobooks Forum.

*If you’ve really tried, but you’re unable to complete the exercise due to restrictions on your library computers, you can still get credit for this exercise. The summer is hot enough. We don’t want to make you sweat.


4 Responses to “Digital Audio Books (Tenn-Share 6) (40)”

  1. Crystal Says:

    How do we report that an activity is complete? Sorry to be so thick-headed…

  2. Jenny Says:

    Sorry we didn’t make that clear. There will be a survey at the end of the whole deal where you report which activities you finish.

  3. angia jones Says:

    Thanks for not making me sweat. I was unable to complete this exercise due to computer restrictions.

  4. npljenny Says:

    What kind of trouble did you run into?

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