Do I have to? Tenn-Share vs. Staff in the Know

August 5, 2008

Back in the saddle again, with week five of Tenn-Share Learn & Discover. Get on over to the Learn & Discover page in Ning and say hello!

If you have been following along with Staff in the Know, you have noticed that we recycled some of these posts for the Tenn-Share Learn & Discover program. Don’t let that stop you from participating, we need your experience! Remember, the first 100 to complete the program will earn a nice mp3 player.

“Do I have to repeat all the exercises in Tenn-Share Lean & Discover if I have done the identical ones earlier in Staff in the Know?”

No. You can report a Tenn-Share activity complete if you have done the activity for the same topic during Staff in the Know ’07 – ’08. For instance, if you learned about RSS feeds on Staff in the Know, you have already set up an RSS reader and subscribed to a feed, you can count that done towards the Tenn-Share goal.

We do hope you will join the active discussions about each post in the forum at Tenn-Share Learn & Discover.

Kyle Cook
Jenny Ellis


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