Keep On Learning – Tenn-Share Learn & Discover (week 9)

August 18, 2008

Seven tasks down, one to go and you’ll have completed Tenn-Share Learn & Discover!

“How will I keep learning without a weekly mission to keep me motivated?” you ask.

Don’t worry. We’ve got some independent study ideas, sources for information, and favorite websites to get you started. Plus, you can always keep in touch with the friends you made over the last nine weeks!
This week we’d like you to choose your own site and report back to the community. Take a look at this year’s Webware 100 Winners. They include familiar names like YouTube, flickr, facebook, and picassa, but there’s sure to be sites you’ve never heard of before.
You can also choose one of the sites we like:
James: Hulu, dealnews
Jenny: Jumpcut, Wordle, Mr. Picassohead
Kyle: 30 Boxes, Remember the Milk, BillMonk
Sue: Sketchcast, LOLinator
Tricia: The Daily Plate, YouContertIt, Virtual Tourist
Pam: StumbleUpon, Dead or Alive?, TinyURL

Or you can look through this dizzying list of sites.

Ways to keep on learning:

Read Blogs.
Pick out some blogs written by librarians, like Tame the Web, Stephen’s Lighthouse, or ALA Tech Source. Next, pick up a few technology blogs. Webware, Read Write Web, Lifehacker are a few good ones. They’ll mention crazy things you won’t understand or ever need. But they also have things that you will want to remember. You don’t have to follow 200 blogs. Find a blogger who does this for you, and then tells you about the good stuff.

And add some fun stuff to your feeds!

Realize you cannot know everything, nor do you need to.
We’re all short on time. But, staying current doesn’t take long. 15 minutes a day is all you really need. If you don’t get through all your RSS feeds, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to read everything. But, doing a little bit will keep your mind fresh with new ideas. You can pick and choose which ones are appropriate for your library and your projects. You don’t have to do it all.

Share your finds.
When you find good web sites, don’t keep them to yourself! Email them to your colleagues, tag them for friends in your delicious, or share them with your social network.

Keep on Learning Activity:

1. Choose one site from this year’s Webware 100 Winners.

2. Take it for a spin – what do you like about it, what don’t you like?

3. Tell the group what you think in the Keep on Learning forum.

Do you have any questions?

Discuss them in the Keep on Learning Forum.


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