TumbleBooks & other fun stuff for kids (45)

September 15, 2008

Do you ever wish there was some kind of magical book where the pictures moved around? A book that told you a story and let you follow along?

I don’t know, maybe a talking picture book?

Such books exist! And you can find them in the TumbleBook Library!

TumbleBooks is the library’s newest online database. It has a large collection of picture books for young children, including quite a few books in Spanish and French. Many books have games and puzzles that reinforce concepts from the books. There are even longer books, like Anne of Green Gables, for older kids.

Take a look at the online tour and see what TumbleBooks is all about.
(And ignore the part about logging in and registering – we’re doing that with a library card like all of our other databases.):

Take the TumbleBooks Tour

Where can you use TumbleBooks?

At the library: kids can use TumbleBooks on library computers – all they need is a pair of headphones.

At home: all you need is a library card and a computer with a high-speed connection.

Want some stories kids can bring with them?

Do you wish you could find a friendly podcast for your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/etc? Is the kid in your life not quite ready for NPR or Good Morning America?

Here are a couple of kid-friendly podcasts for your kids on the go:

1. Crazy Dave’s Kid Show
2. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
3. Molly and the Sugar Monster
4. DragonflyTV
5. Super Why
6. NodCast Podcast
7. Book Wink
8. Family Folktales (an NPL podcast!)

Do you know of any other great podcasts for kids? Share them in the comments.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Go to TumbleBooks. It’s on the Kids’ Books & Reading section of the library website.

2. Look for one of these books:
Odd Velvet
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

3. Find a Spanish language book.

4. Take the survey.


6 Responses to “TumbleBooks & other fun stuff for kids (45)”

  1. Glenn Worden Says:

    Tumblebooks are a lot of fun. I’ll suggest them to the kids I know. I found Huckleberry Finn, but it was on our shelves and not in Tumblebooks!!

  2. npljenny Says:

    Huckleberry Finn is there – I’m listening to it right now. But I’m glad it was on the shelves too. 🙂

  3. angia jones Says:

    I enjoyed reading along and listening to “Odd Velvet” in English ,on the library website (Tumblebooks). I found a book in the Spanish language. But, why couldn’t I listen to it as I read the words in Spanish and why couldn’t I use the word pronunciation icon for help with the Spanish words? Did I skip a step?

  4. npljenny Says:

    Good question. Which Spanish language book did you try to read?

  5. Glenn Worden Says:

    Ha! Am I embarassed!
    I fell into the same trap that many of our patrons do when they look up “Huckleberry Finn” by title and don’t find it. That’s how I searched for it in the Tumble index. When I didn’t find it after a quick scan of the first few titles in each tab, I assumed it wasn’t there and that it was one of your trick questions. But later I searched by the correct title and it was easy to find “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” in the Tumblereadables. Thanks for setting me straight, Jenny!

  6. Jenny Says:

    To update on the Spanish language books in Tumblebooks… it seems that if you choose Spanish as a language for the whole site, you get different books.

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