IM Made Easy with Meebo (47)

October 6, 2008

Instant Messaging is so simple and convenient. I can talk to all of my friends just by chatting online! Well, it should be simple and convenient. But it isn’t. Here’s why:

My mom uses AOL Instant Messenger.
My brother uses Google Talk and AOL (to talk to mom).
My best friend uses Yahoo Messenger.
My sister-in-law uses Windows Messanger (MSN).

And the list goes on, with hardly anyone using the same service. What should I do? I cannot login to all of these at once. No way. Can you imagine what a pain that would be?

That’s why I signed up for Meebo.

Meebo is a Instant messenger site where you can use all these services at once, on one screen. It works online, so you don’t have to download anything. Once you sign up for the service and set your username and password for any IM network you’re with, you’re set. After that, one login to Meebo automatically connects you to all the other IM networks.

And, so what if I’m so happy that I sound like one of those product placement deals in the old TV shows? You know, where the mom turns to the camera and says “Jimmy, would you like some Choco-milk Powder?” And Jimmy says, “Gee, mom, that’d be great. It’s so tasty and I can feel my muscles grow with each swig.”

Meebo is that cool.

“Jimmy, would you like to chat with all of your friends online after dinner?”
“Sure, mom! Since we signed up for Meebo, it’s real easy to catch up with Billy, Sam, and Ronny. I haven’t missed a baseball card trade in weeks!”

Be like Jimmy. Try out Meebo.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  

1. Visit Meebo. 

2. Login with any ID you already have: Yahoo, AOL, Google, MSN.

4. Take the survey.


2 Responses to “IM Made Easy with Meebo (47)”

  1. Jim Says:

    Not many of my friends and family seem to be into IM at this point. That may change as we get older and need to maintain communication. Some of us type very slowly, however.
    When My brother-in-law went to China with his wife, we talked everyone getting into IM, but they set up phone service over the Internet instead. We could have added cameras as well, I suppose.

  2. npljenny Says:

    I admit, I don’t IM with my friends like I did years ago. But there is some usefulness to be had with Meebo.

    If you want to talk online with a friend, you can sign in to Meebo and invite them to an audio/video chat. No software installation required.

    Imagine if everyone at the library was on Meebo: need help with a reference question, you just ask your coworkers in real time.

    I agree with you that IM isn’t quite what it once was. We’ve got cell phones (except me!) and text messaging, after all. But Meebo seems like a nice tool to keep in mind so you don’t have to go begging your friends to sign up for a specific service – you can all stay where you are and chat anyway, if you want to IM that is.

    What Internet phone service did you guys use? Maybe we can cover Internet phone service here soon…

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