Screen Shots: I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Deville…(49)

October 27, 2008

Have you ever seen a demonstration where a presenter shows web pages right in their Powerpoint – without going online? How about when someone asks for help getting an image from the web into their project, but Cut & Paste will not work? Or maybe you’ve been asked by a support line to Email a picture of the error message appearing on your screen?

Screen Shot is a handy way to include a snapshot of a web page image in Emails, Word Documents, or Powerpoint slides.

How does Screen Shot work?
If you’ve done Cut & Paste in Windows, then this will sound familiar. First, locate the web page using your browser. Set up your screen to show exactly what you want to show, by changing the Window size or View. Once your screen looks exactly as you want to show it, you’re ready.

2. Next, click Start >

  1. Type PRINT SCREEN key at the top right of the keyboard.
  2. Next, click on Start Menu > Accessories > PAINT.
  3. In Paint, Edit > Paste.
  4. Save this File to your Desktop. Select “Save as Type”: JPEG.
  5. Use Insert > Picture (from file) to add this image to any Powerpoint or Word file. Use Attachment to include the file with an Email.


  • Paste a Screen Shot directly into a Word or Powerpoint without saving in Paint for one-time Screen Shots.
  • Use Picnik (online image editor) to crop or resize it.
  • Use ALT + PRINT SCREEN to reproduce a selected Window, rather than the entire screen.

5 Responses to “Screen Shots: I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Deville…(49)”

  1. B.N. Jones Says:

    Screen shots are also a great one to prank someone by setting an altered screen shot as their desktop background, say one with an absurdly disastrous error message. Work hard. Play hard.

  2. Jim Says:

    I must ask, regarding the last comment, what type of disastrous error message is absurd? I still don’t understand some of the ones I have gotten in the “real” world and expect any day to have my computer ask me “What seems to be the problem, Dave? You seem upset.”
    (I have the Hal 9000 eye as my destop wall paper. Work hard, play hard.)

  3. Glenn Worden Says:

    If you use Windows Vista, you can download a widget for your desktop that is the HAL eye. When you click it you hear a random sampling of HAL dialog from the movie. My home computer is named HAL 9000, so I have to be careful aabout him reading my lips!

  4. Jim Says:

    In response to Glenn’s last comment:

    I like that! I don’t use Vista but have some sound bites of HAL that I occassionally click on to reinforce my computer paranoia.

  5. npljenny Says:

    Oh my goodness – all this HAL talk sounds creepy – and this is the only moment I can think of where I’ve thought, “gosh, I wish I had Vista.” I guess I can’t see the HAL widget…bummer. 😦

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