Too big to Email?!

December 15, 2008

Attachments are a handy way to share files. One problem, our Email Inboxes are only so big. Sometimes you have a file that’s just too big to send. You need – a simple private way to share your computer files.

Instead of sending your file to your recipient(s), you upload your file to Then, you use to notify everyone where to get the file. Then, they click on the short link you’ve set up, like, to access the file.


  1. Go to
  2. Come up with a short name for your drop, or use the random suggested code. You’re link will be
  3. Load the file, just like you would for an attachment.
  4. You can set the file to be removed after a few days or weeks. You can even password it for extra protection.
  5. Plug-in the Email addresses you want to send the file to.  You’re done.

5 Responses to “Too big to Email?!”

  1. Crystella Says: has been very useful for sharing our podcast!

  2. Phil Krakowiak Says:

    I followed the directions, created a drop but I really don’t see where you can email this or get back to it. I also watched the video. This does seem useful so once I get past this stumbling block I’ll be ok…

    A colleague said she had a similar horrible experience and was lost (once the file gets uploaded then what?) Do you have to sign up first (the video says this is optional). When you try to go back and put the drop name in it’s already taken. Any help – step by step – is appreciated.

  3. Cook Says: has improved the process a bit since December. The key is to remember the name of your drop. That will also be the drop’s address, so you can access it for all of the sharing, emailing and downloading functions. Without this address, getting back to your drop will be extremely difficult. Check your browser’s history to see if it has preserved the web address of the drop.

    A login is not required for the the service, but it a handy option if you want to manage several drops. Additionally, you can create an admin password for you drop at any point. This allows you to set permissions for anyone you might be sharing with. This would allow them to add files to the drop, delete files, or just view.

  4. Phil Krakowiak Says:

    OK, I was at least was able to drop something then send it to myself. I see where some of the sharing options are now, thanks. May come in handy some time.

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