LearningExpress: Resume and Interviewing Skills

January 19, 2009

 Last week we told you about the Job Search section of Learning Express. Once you find a job you’d like to apply for you’ll need to have a resume and some interviewing skills. Check out the Resume and Interviewing Success Skills area of Learning Express.

There are three modules in Resume and Interviewing Success Skills

Module 1: Creating a Great Resume

The Creating a Good Resume module shows applicants exactly what to include in the resume. For each section (heading, experience, education), the applicant uses simple web forms to develop the resume content. The exercise offers practical guidance on business writing and best practices at each point.

Once complete, the program provides a simple, unformatted resume to be saved to a word processor or printed as a reference. The generated resume file is adequate for many entry-level positions. Or cut & paste from the file into different resume templates to choose the best fit. 

Module 2: Creating Great Cover Letters

As with the Resume, this module methodically explains cover letter protocol and helps the applicant compile good content for a professional letter. First, LE outlines the typical cover letter with examples of good and bad form. Then, a guided web form helps the user locate and add the most relevant details for their submission. Like Resume, LE will export the cover letter outline as a text file, so the user can quickly craft their cover letter on their computer.

Module 3: Interview Tips to Get the Job You Want

Interviews can be the most daunting part of a job interview. The LearningExpress site provides helpful tips to make the applicant comfortable at every point in the interview, from appearance to nerves; from interview formats to business etiquette. In a step by step format, the program walks the candidate through the stages of an interview, all the way through writing good thank you notes. Finally, the program explains the process of evaluating a position and negotiating an offer. These quick tips will stick with the applicant as they approach a new employer. 


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