March Apps Mania 2009

March 2, 2009

Welcome to March Apps Mania 2009!

I feel very out of touch with basketball season this year. So out of touch, in fact, that had completely forgotten about March Madness®. Thank goodness my co-blogger remembered!

We celebrated with our own nerdy version last year and we had so much fun that we’re doing it again.

Allow me to remind you how this works.

We’re going to showcase some cool web apps this month. And at the end, we’ll do our own clunky version of a bracket.

I know, it’s March Madness®, not March Mania, but March Madness® is a registered name. So, we’re having March Apps Mania instead – because why risk the wrath of the NCAA?

For those of you looking for hoops, please visit the official website for madness.

What is a web app?

Web app stands for web application. We’re going with a very broad definition of a web app; it is a program that you use on the Internet.

Why do I have to register with all these websites?

Most web apps require registration. Do you ever bring a VIP card with you to Food Lion? The cashier scans the card to identify you and apply a discount to your groceries. Same deal. Web applications must differentiate you from everyone else to save your work and keep it private.

What’s so cool about web apps?

They can be very useful, like the word processing Google Docs, or fun, like youtube. They’re free, as in library card. They’re social, so you might see your friends there. They’re everywhere; you can use the application or access your data from any computer in the world.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Take the survey and tell us what Web Apps you use.


6 Responses to “March Apps Mania 2009”

  1. Phil Krakowiak Says:

    “This is not a valid survey link” – something is not right here. Do we get to choose from a list or just start with whatever? Need some help with the bracketology…

  2. Jenny Says:

    Egads! I’ll check the survey link right away!

  3. Jenny Says:

    I checked the survey and it is working on my computer. Maybe clear out the browsing history and try again? Is anyone else having trouble?

  4. Hobo Pants Says:

    Worked for me on a non-designated staff computer.

  5. Phil Krakowiak Says:

    Got it now. Looks like some of these should not have even made the “tourney”. Maybe automatic bids from small conferences…

  6. Cook Says:

    Many of the smaller apps have lost their endowments!

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