March Apps Mania 2009 – Video Sharing & Editing

March 16, 2009

I’m assuming that we’ve all heard of YouTube. I’d even guess that we’ve all watched our fair share of cat videos or Daily Show clips. But if you’re like me, you’ve done a lot of watching and not much sharing. In fact, I just uploaded my first video to YouTube this week!

After using YouTube to share my own videos I realized three things:

  1. I want to be able to edit parts of my video – who needs to see my arm reaching up to hit the record button?
  2. I want privacy controls that are easy to find and easy to understand – who wants a stranger watching your karaoke performance?.
  3. I want to share videos from several video sites – is there an easy way to do that?

There are a lot of video hosting/editing sites on the web, so we’re going to take a look at what’s out there beyond YouTube.


Vimeo is a video sharing service, like YouTube, but with a difference. It was “created by filmmakers and video creators who wanted to share their creative work” so you’re not going to find a lot of footage of teenagers playing Guitar Hero. It’s like fancy YouTube – a great looking site and easy to use. What I like best, though are the privacy settings.

If you want a video to be private in YouTube, but you want to share it with a few people, you have to be friends with those people IN YouTube. Vimeo, on the other hand, lets you set a password for a video. So you can email your sister the link and password for a video and she can watch it with no hassle – the video is private and your sister doesn’t have to sign up for Vimeo and friend you just to watch your video!

Other cool features: Vimeo lets you download your videos. And you can upload HD videos – great for anyone who  has one of the nifty new HD video cameras. You can even create your own channel, just like in YouTube.

It’s a video sharing site, though. No editing.


Viddler is another video sharing site, like YouTube and Vimeo. The biggest difference is that you can customize the video player in Viddler. You can change the color of the player and even add your own logo. Another unique feature is that Viddler lets people who view your video to comment on a specific part of the video.

But there’s still no editing on Viddler.


What if you want to share your video, but you just want to trim out the first few seconds? Motionbox is the tool to use.

Motionbox allows you to edit one video or mix together several videos into one. Just click upload, find the video on your computer, and you’re ready to edit. It is the easiest online video editor I’ve used.

You can share your video by email and embed it on a webpage for free. Motionbox also has a download feature, but it is only available with their subscription. Not bad for a free tool. Motionbox also has easier to use privacy controls than YouTube. So you really can pick who you want to see your videos.

While it is a simple way to clip a section off the beginning of one video, Motionbox describes itself as a way to merge several videos together. It is a wonderful tool to use if you want to make a highlight reel of all your favorite videos. So, all those videos you have of your cat/dog/bird/kid…get cracking and mix ’em together!


JayCut is a free online video editor. We’re talking full-featured editing with transitions and fade-outs and all that fancy stuff. I tried it out because my favorite video site, Jumpcut, is not really working anymore. I won’t get into it further because it made me want to throw my computer off the roof.


embedrMaybe you don’t want to edit video or share your own video. Maybe you want to make a playlist to share with a friend.

YouTube has a great playlist tool. You can see it in action on the library’s gallery page (scroll all the way to the bottom). The only downside is that you can only use YouTube videos in the player.

Embedr allows you to create a playlist of videos from different video sites. So, we can make a playlist of videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Blip, and more. Check out the short playlist I made.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  

1. Choose one:
If you’ve got a video, upload it to Motionbox and give the editor a try.


Make a playlist with Embedr and link to it in the comments.

2. In the comments, share any ideas for how libraries might use these tools.


3 Responses to “March Apps Mania 2009 – Video Sharing & Editing”

  1. Buck Wild Irish Librarian Says:

    Though I am convinced you created this Staff in the Know just to get me fired, I ensure you that all these videos where chosen totally at random. I wanted to work in a video of Paula Dean, but seriously, all the videos of her on youtube were really inappropriate and mean spirit.
    Build your own custom video playlist at

  2. Jenny Says:

    HA! No, we’re not trying to get you fired! Your video list kind of made my head hurt, though. Foucault? I thought I saw the last of him in grad school. Sheesh…

  3. Buck Wild Irish Librarian Says:

    Those were chosen totally at random. The only thing I went looking for was Paula Dean, and for real, nothing was postable.

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