March Apps Mania 2009 – Bubble Apps and the Bracket

March 30, 2009

Sometimes there are apps that turn your head, but you can’t quite decide if they’re useful. Yet you still want to share.

These note-taking/note-saving apps fall into that category for us. They’re our bubble apps and they didn’t quite make the bracket.

What do you think? Did they deserve to make the big game? Read on and make your case in the comments.


Want to jot down some notes and have them available at another computer? Just go to and start typing. Give your page a name and you’re done. All you do is type the web address of the page you made into the address bar and there are your notes! No sign-up, no password (unless you want to set one, which you can do by clicking “options”), no hassle.

Cl1p is for quick notes, so your page will expire after a set time – from one week to 9 months.

I’m thinking of this for those last minute notes when I don’t want to open up my email or Google Docs. I could use a slip of paper, but I tend to lose those. The only catch here is remembering the web address you create – but you can give the cl1p a name so remembering is easy!

Here’s the one I made:

I can come back and edit it at any time just by going to the web address. You’ll notice, I did not set a password, so you can add to my Cl1p too.


Clipmarks is similar to Cl1p, but instead of writing notes, I’m copying sections of a webpage (text, photo, video) and saving it or emailing it to myself. I could also print it, which makes it a lot like Print What You Like.

The downside to Clipmarks is that you do have to register. The upside is that it is a good way to take notes on things you find on the web without cluttering up your inbox. And it is more precise than just bookmarking a site.

I like the idea and doing the actual “clipping” was easy. Finding the things I “clip” – well, I’m still working on that.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk (RTM) is a powerful to-do list organizer that will keep all your projects in order. But it is also a simple, but powerful, database you can use as personalized notes manager.

remembermilkOnce you sign up, you’ll see a page with several tabs: Inbox, Personal, Study, and Work. New items  you add to RTM go in the Inbox, then you can sort them into the other tabs. You can have as many customized tabs as you want. 

You can create a simple list or each item has room for additional notes.  So, if you were making a list of books, you could add  comments within each entry. 

You can add items directly from the web, phone or email. Plus, RTM is compatible with any Web-enabled mobile device, so you can update your “what-to-read” list from anywhere.


Evernote compiles all your notes – from web sites, email, your computer, scanner, or even your phone – in a free web application. Simply drag and drop from the web or send yourself an Evernote email. Don’t even write it down, just leave a voice mail on your Evernote account!

Here’s what my Evernote notebook looks like. I emailed myself the titles of a book and a movie I’d like to watch. Evernote provides a custom email for you to use to send yourself notes. Why is this better then emailing yourself? It gets all your notes in one place! Email is for email. Evernote is for notes and lists and everything that isn’t an email.

The Bracket


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

1. Take the survey and tell us your favorite apps from each group AND your favorite app of them all.   

2. Is there a web app we missed that everyone should know about? Tell us in the comments!


5 Responses to “March Apps Mania 2009 – Bubble Apps and the Bracket”

  1. Cassondra Says:

    I like to use Google Notebook for notes and such. It does the whole “clip” thing as well.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Sorry about that – I had a survey setting wrong. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. The Mickey Rourke of NPL Says:

    Your orig survey link punked out on me too, but other one worked.

    Here’s Ekiga which is open source Skype:

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