Let’s Tweet (64)

April 6, 2009

@Peabody What’s Twitter?

@Stella Twitter lets you to send short messages, called tweets, to your friends, family, or anyone who is interested.

@Peabody Why would I want to do that? How is that different from email?

@Stella Read this post. Maybe it will help clear up what Twitter is.

Twitter is most like a Blog

Your posts (or tweets) appear on your Twitter web page. Anyone can visit and read your updates.

Unlike a blog, your twitter doesn’t have to stick to one topic. The posts are much shorter. They include any comments you make to others, so the conversation is not limited to a single page.

Twitter is sort of like Text Messaging

Text messages are short, private notes sent from one cell phone to another. Twitter also lets you send messages from your cell phone, but tweets are public messages shared with many people using phones or the web.

With text messaging you must know the phone number of the person you are contacting. With Twitter, all of your contacts will see your tweet, as well as anyone who visits your Twitter page.

Twitter is even a little like email

You can also use Twitter to send a private message to someone else on the service. These messages are delivered to a special Twitter inbox. Unlike email, you don’t have to know an email address or add a descriptive subject line.

Here’s how it works:

Stay tuned!

Wondering why anyone would bother with Twitter? You’re not alone. We will share some practical uses for Twitter over the next few weeks.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Watch the “how-to” slideshow (above).

2. If you go to TLA, sign up for Twitter and tweet something (idea you like, comment, or just a shout out) to @TNLA.


Check out the TNLA Twitter page and keep up with the conference.


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