Unemployment Benefits Form

May 4, 2009

unemploymentrate3The Unemployment Office has been busier than usual. Now that this process is online, many library visitors are taking advantage of the library’s free public access computers to apply for and certify benefits. A few items to keep in mind about Tennessee’s online unemployment form:

Before Filing

  • Do not file the same week you were laid off. Wait until the Sunday following the week you last worked to file.
  • The form may time-out, so have all information (including employer names, addresses, and dates) handy before you start.
  • Read the latest dateline.pdf from the Labor website. It will answer current questions about Unemployment benefits.
  • Collect details on the past 18 months of work history. Dates of employment need not be exact, use the closest month and approximate date.
  • You can file if you live out of state. You will file in the state where work was performed – benefits are not determined by where you live.

Tips for Filing Online

  • Online form is linked from Public Computer start pages under ‘Find A Job’.
  • DO NOT use your browser’s back or refresh buttons.
  • Use the TAB key to move to next blank, use the space bar to toggle YES/NO buttons.
  • Avoid using any punctuation in the form blanks.
  • Do not fill in blanks without an asterisk. Do not add “n/a” or answer any question that does not apply to you.
  • Withhold the 10% tax with each check; this can always be altered later.

Job availability notices

Are you going to be “called back”?

Only answer YES if you have been given a specific date by your former employer. Otherwise, answer NO, even if you believe you will be called back soon.

Minimum starting wage?

Enter the absolute minimum hourly wage you can live on – this will make you visible to more employers, does not assign you that wage. Current minimum wage: $6.55 (May, 2009)

After You file…

Print the confirmation screen for your records. Keep any mail notices you receive. Register at a Tennessee Career Center within one month of applying.

We have experienced some connection difficulties using this form on public access computers, please report any interruptions.

3 Responses to “Unemployment Benefits Form”

  1. Raymond Says:

    Thank you for the information. Now I feel comfortable helping our patrons!

  2. mercy Says:

    I appreciate the tutorial. Most people looking for this information are usually frustrated and need information fast. I’ll keep this info handy.

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