iPods Download Audiobooks (And So Can You!)

July 7, 2009

“But it doesn’t work on iPods,” has been our refrain ever since we introduced Downloadable Audiobooks. Traditionally, iPod devices have not worked with our Netlibrary or Overdrive services because they use the Apple copy-protection format .AAC instead of the Windows codec, .WMA.

Now, both services have introduced books that are compatible with iPod, but each works differently.

mp3MP3 files have no copy-protection, so they are compatible with any MP3 player (Creative, Archos, SanDisk, etc.), including iPods. Many MP3 audiobooks are now available from both Overdrive and Netlibrary.

In addition, Overdrive now allows some of the WMA books to be converted to the iPod-friendly AAC format.


To access this feature, you must download the latest version of Overdrive Media Console 3.2 from the library web site:

http://www.library.nashville.org » Books Movies Music » Audiobook Help » OverDrive Media Console


  • Check the icon chart to see if your book is compatible (see images above for examples).
  • Plug in your iPod to your PC before you download the book.
  • iPod-friendly WMA books do not work with Overdrive on the Mac OS, only Windows XP or Vista.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Use NetLibrary or OverDrive to find an iPod-friendly audiobook.

2. Download the book to your computer. Or, if you’ve already downloaded audiobooks, find a colleague who needs help.

If you have any problems, ask for help in the comments.


One Response to “iPods Download Audiobooks (And So Can You!)”

  1. Whipping Post Says:

    Well, had I been caught up on SItK’s I would have been able to answer my question about my iPod, WMA files, and Mac. Thanks for filling me in.


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