The New ReferenceUSA

July 20, 2009

Ever wanted to see how many lawyers practice in your zip code? Ever want to compile the addresses of your neighbors for a direct mail campaign? Ever wanted to find out the names of the top executives at local corporations?

You can’t go wrong with ReferenceUSA, the mighty business directory and list-generator.  Now, they’ve streamlined things a bit. So, take a look at the new ReferenceUSA and compile some business lists. View our tour!

4 Responses to “The New ReferenceUSA”

  1. Phil K. Says:

    Seems like a lot of improvements have been made here.
    I think it’s a clean interface with lots more info, esp. under individual business records (“business demographics.” I like that there is a link to nearby businesses and competitors and you can still do a nice radius search. I like the counts being pretty obvious. Even the business photo is welcome. Hopefully you won’t have to enter the cryptic word – you just basically get 25 records to view/print/download per search. If you mark-download & unmark them you seem to be able to procede to the next 25, which is great (not sure how that works outside the library).
    On the downside I think the huge long streams of numbers for filenames is pretty silly and you should be able to edit those before saving. I finally found that they were saved to a downloads folder inside “My documents” folder on my computer. Again this is where you’d want the option to save to a device (flash drive or diskette) on one of our public computers. Will have to test that sometime (if I can ever get to a public computer here) and see if they don’t just end up on the desktop as icons.
    This is still one of our best online resources and can really be helpful to people if we walk them through it a bit…

  2. Cook Says:

    I tested this on a public computer this morning. I was not able to duplicate the downloading situation you mention. The only instance where it would stick the downloaded file in a downloads folder is if you elected Open, rather than Save the Excel file. This would occur with any file you downloaded using IE 6. Otherwise, the Save option allowed me to save it to a connected USB Flash drive and rename the file.

  3. Phil K. Says:


    That’s good to know. I did choose save and the excel format; maybe I was in a different browser…
    As long as it works on our public computers and you can modify that file name I’m happy with it.

  4. Tiny Tim Says:

    I tried looking up a variety of sleazy quasi-legal businesses and they were all listed. I’m impressed.

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