Nashville Public Library is in WorldCat

July 28, 2009

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  1. Create a WorldCat login.
  2. Create a brief list of books or movies. (You can duplicate one of the library’s book lists, if you would prefer.)
  3. Share a link to your public list in the comments below.

Example:  The Fan’s Guide to Baseball


4 Responses to “Nashville Public Library is in WorldCat”

  1. Experimental Classification System Tester Says:

    Here’s the reading list for Experimental Literature Book Club:

    We meet on Saturdays at 11am at the Main Library. Come Sept. 19th and discuss Louis Riel by Chester Brown. Be there or be blandly square.

    Ever since WorldCat went public I’ve often used it as a bibliographic utility when I needed to verify information about a book.

  2. Linda Barnickel Says:

    This is great – but why don’t Nash Room manuscript type materials (collections) show up in WorldCat and Google searches? They are in the NPL catalog.

    Example (I was doing as a keyword, but it is the start of the title):
    Kate Pickett Campbell

    I tried others, too.
    Example: Turnbow Family Letters
    No luck.

    Individual digital objects from our digital collections show up fine – but don’t know why the others don’t as they are a “regular” catalog record.


  3. Cook Says:

    The WorldCat search does not directly search the library’s online catalog, only the records that show up in the OCLC catalog with Nashville Public Library holdings. Items that have been cataloged locally may not have been submitted to OCLC’s world catalog. This would account for manuscript materials not appearing in this search.

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