Have you ever seen a demonstration where a presenter shows web pages right in their Powerpoint – without going online? How about when someone asks for help getting an image from the web into their project, but Cut & Paste will not work? Or maybe you’ve been asked by a support line to Email a picture of the error message appearing on your screen?

Screen Shot is a handy way to include a snapshot of a web page image in Emails, Word Documents, or Powerpoint slides.

How does Screen Shot work?
If you’ve done Cut & Paste in Windows, then this will sound familiar. First, locate the web page using your browser. Set up your screen to show exactly what you want to show, by changing the Window size or View. Once your screen looks exactly as you want to show it, you’re ready.

2. Next, click Start >

  1. Type PRINT SCREEN key at the top right of the keyboard.
  2. Next, click on Start Menu > Accessories > PAINT.
  3. In Paint, Edit > Paste.
  4. Save this File to your Desktop. Select “Save as Type”: JPEG.
  5. Use Insert > Picture (from file) to add this image to any Powerpoint or Word file. Use Attachment to include the file with an Email.


  • Paste a Screen Shot directly into a Word or Powerpoint without saving in Paint for one-time Screen Shots.
  • Use Picnik (online image editor) to crop or resize it.
  • Use ALT + PRINT SCREEN to reproduce a selected Window, rather than the entire screen.

Can’t find an item at any of our branches? Interlibrary Loan finds items at other library systems and borrows them for all Nashville Public Library members.

Okay, be honest, who is aware of the library’s online Interlibrary Loan request form? Anyone? If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?

“I’ve requested several woodworking books we don’t own.” – Jenny
“I’ve borrowed sheet music collections through ILL.” – Kyle

Is there anything you’ve been longing to read to that the library system doesn’t own? What are you waiting for? Now you can request things quickly using the online form!

And remember, this also means anyone can take ILL requests from patrons. Instead of transferring a phone call to Interlibrary Loan, try filling out the online form for the patron. It will save the patron some time and they’ll remember how helpful we all are.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
1. Take a look at the Interlibrary Loan page (under Services on the website).
2. Find the ILL Title Request form.
3. If there’s a book, movie, or CD you’ve always been looking for that the library doesn’t own, go ahead and request it.
4. Repeat this to yourself 5 times (and don’t forget it): “If the library system does not own something, we can request the item with the online Interlibrary Loan Request form.”
5. Take the survey.

Have you noticed anything different about the website lately? There’s a new Books Movies Music page!

Why a different page? Well, there’s a lot of good stuff we wanted to highlight. Like:

Staff Picks
You choose what books are featured! Use the linked form to tell us what books/movies you are enjoying. Include the title and author. You may include a review or rate it from 0.0 to 5.0 stars. Picks will be updated often.

Browse lists
See our most recent Movies and watch the previews online. Browse dozens of genre lists and updated new materials. Movies with Narration, books about World War II are among our dozens of In-depth bibliographies. New materials lists are also available as RSS feeds.

Catalog links
Find all TV shows on DVD, find all Blues CDs, etc.

Del.ico.us navigation
This lets you find all sorts of linked book guides. Say you want to find all weekly New York Times best sellers lists. You could look on New York Times’ web site, or you could look in the del.icio.us links and find the lists. Plus, these link directly to the library catalog, so you can reserve the copy in a few clicks!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
1. Find the ‘Staff Picks’ area of the Books Movies Music page.
2. Use the form to share a book or movie you’ve recently enjoyed.
3. Take the survey.

Updated Teen Web

April 21, 2007

teenweb2.jpgIf you haven’t visited the Teen Web section of the library website, take a moment and browse around. We’ve added new features: del.icio.us and flickr.