Online Resumes

January 26, 2009

Building a Resume with word processing software is challenging for new computer users. After locating the templates, the task still requires familiarity with the table, format, and layout functions. Those crafting a resume at a public computer also contend with saving to disk or email storage, then exporting the files in various formats online. Streamline the process with LearningExpress and online word processors, Zoho Writer and Google Docs. 


With word processor templates, there is no practical guidance for choosing what should be included in the document. LearningExpress: Creating a Good Resume is a great place to start – and you’ll find it on the library website’s databases page under LearningExpress.

Before crafting the file, LearningExpress helps the applicant identify what to include in the resume. Using templates, word processor novices sometimes feel limited to a fixed number of entries in each field. This program makes it easy to add more schools and jobs. Plus, the details are permanently saved in LearningExpress, so they can update it for future job hunts.

Zoho Writer & Google Docs

Zoho Writer and Google Docs programs may be the pared-down cousins of desktop word processors, but they are more suited to the new online resume world. The simple interface should be familiar to email users – which is handy, since an email address is the only requirement to use these free sites. Sign up at Zoho Writer or Google Docs. Choose from a dozen templates, then fill in the blanks with personal details to create professional-looking resume ready to be emailed, uploaded or printed from the software.

“Where did I save it?” Online!

Once registered with the site, everything is automatically saved online under the login. Going forward, all documents can be accessed from the Internet. No floppy disks or flash drives required. If uploading and downloading files is causing fits, this is the way to go. 

“I need it in pdf., .html, .doc, .rtf…”

Online job applications require files uploaded in different formats. Online processors will instantly export or email in any document format. Remember the Send To: feature that never sent anything? Try Download file as (Google) and Email/Export (Zoho). This function works like a charm.

The Eternal Undo

As many of us have learned the hard way with installed word processors, it is all too easy to lose data or damage a file beyond repair. The online programs save earlier versions automatically, so this is not a risk.Use History to refer back to an earlier version or undo all changes back to that point.

“What about MS Word online?”

With such useful online counterparts, it is no wonder Microsoft is going online with their own product, Office Live Workspace. This product provides an avenue to back up Office files, but currently offers none of the collaborative editing capabilities or automatic saving features of Zoho or Google. See Consumers Have to Wait for Web-based Office (CNet, 12/05/08).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:    1. Create a sample resume document in either Learning Express, Google Docs, or Zoho Writer. 

2. Use the program to export or email the file to yourself.


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