It’s the third and final week of RSS Month! I hope we’ve shown you that RSS doesn’t have to be a lot of work. You don’t have to subscribe to MSNBC and get 400 news updates an hour. It can function as a reminder service (music and events), a shopping helper (Craigslist), or even a way to catch up on TV.

Yup, RSS and TV.

Do you watch TV? Do you ever miss the show you want to watch? What about shows you didn’t know you’d like but now you’re hooked and you missed the first season?

I’ve lost all the TiVo customers, but for those of you who remain, I’ve got a cool RSS trick to show you.

Did you know you can get shows like The Office, ER, The Colbert Report (and a lot of other shows) on a site called Hulu? Neat site, but who’s going to remember to go there while you’re gripped by “I missed my show” panic?

What if I told you that you can subscribe to TV shows in Hulu with your RSS reader? When a new episode is added, you’ll get an update in your feed reader with a link to the new episode!

And you’re not just subscribing to shows you know are online, either. You can subscibe to any number of feeds:

* Recently Added Videos
* Recently Added Shows
* Recently Added Movies
* Soon-to-Expire Videos (This is handy because current series episodes don’t stay on Hulu forever)

So, not only can you watch a show you missed, you can be altered when new series are added to Hulu – like Doogie Howser, M.D. It’s on Hulu.

There’s also a pretty neat tool around for those of you who’d rather not miss your favorite show. It’s called mytvrss. Select your favorite shows from the list and sign up for an RSS feed that will send you reminders when there’s a new episode. You’ll even get a nice little episode summary with each update. This is great for shows like American Experience and Frontline – shows that don’t require weekly devotion to a storyline.

One more thing…

If you don’t like Craigslist, you keep up with music just fine, and you have TiVo, there are other fun uses for RSS. Try getting a recipe a day, word of the day, or LOL cat of the day. Just remember, RSS doesn’t have to be a stress inducing nightmare – it can bring a smile to your face too.