Google Docs to the Rescue

May 31, 2007

“I can’t find the floppy drive!” “I can’t upload my resume!”

It can be difficult to store your work from session to session when you are working at a public computer. The most common solution is a floppy disk; but these are not reliable or always accessible. There are several options for online storage. You can email the file to yourself on a web email account like Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail. This can still be problematic when the initial software is not available on the next machine or when you are trying to collaborate with someone else.

Maybe the easiest solution for making your files portable is Google Docs. This software lets you edit your document in your browser, no need to open up MS Word. It is always saved online. Google Docs makes it easy to post resumes or email files.

To use Google Docs, you will need a Google ID. If you already use GMail, you can use this ID. Otherwise, you can set one up free at the site.


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